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Foreclosure Task Force

of the Hampden County (Massachusetts) Bar Association.

This page has been created to provide information as to where individual homeowners facing foreclosure can obtain assistance and also to provide attorneys – Foreclosure Task Force Volunteers and other lawyers – tutorial information to enhance their professional skills in representing those individuals seeking to defend against foreclosure. Click here for a brief history of our work.

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The Task Force's mission is to:

  • Recruit volunteer lawyers willing to provide pro bono and reduced fee legal services to individuals residing in the four Western Massachusetts Counties of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire facing the foreclosure of their owner occupied residences,
  • Provide training and educational programs to supplement and improve the professional skills of those undertaking the representation of homeowners whose residences are subject to foreclosure,
  • Develop a workable model for the delivery of such services and making the availability of such services known to those in need of such representation.

    If you are a consumer in one of the four Western Massachusetts Counties of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire seeking help in addressing a foreclosure issue, call the Foreclosure Hotline at (413) 322-7404. 

    If you are a volunteer or an attorney seeking information relating to your representation of
    an individual facing foreclosure, please visit the Foreclosure Tutorial Home Page

    If you are an attorney willing to volunteer your services, click here.

    If you are a volunteer participant in the Foreclosure Task Force or a member of the Alliance,
    follow this link for information on administrative and miscellaneous matters

    If you are a Judge, Clerk of Court, Professor of Law or an attorney who has rendered a decision, viewed or drafted pleading or other forms that could be useful to others involved in the representation of individuals facing foreclosure, please forward copies to eberman1@cox.net for consideration for inclusion in the Foreclosure Tutorial. Submissions should not be duplicative of the information already available but should add to and supplement that which has been presented.

If you are would like more information about the Foreclosure Task Force or the Alliance or to replicate it elsewhere, contact the Hampden County Bar Association by email at admin@hcba.org or Eugene B. Berman, J.D., at eberman1@cox.net .

If you have found this website to be helpful to you or believe others would find it useful, we encourage you to create a link on your own website and otherwise broadcast the existence of this website that is free and available to anyone.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the many individuals and organizations
who have contributed their skill, time an energy to making a difference in these challenging times.


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