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Foreclosure Prevention Tutorial

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This website has been created for the benefit of and use by attorneys who represent individual homeowners facing foreclosure in the hope that the materials provided will allow them to undertake such representation on a pro bono or reduced fee basis. The Task Force believes that it is an obligation of every member of the bar to provide such services to individuals who have ascertainable legal rights but cannot afford legal representation and that it is in dedication to the highest standards of the profession that attorneys work cooperatively in sharing their knowledge and work product –
as they have in the preparation of this FORECLOSURE TUTORIAL –
for the benefit of the bar and in service to the public.

We take this opportunity to thank all of those attorneys who have volunteered to provide pro bono and reduced rate legal services through the HCBA Foreclosure Task Force and the non-profit organizations that administer these services and to those attorneys who have made their work products for inclusion.
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Recent Decisions
U.S. Bank National Association vs. Antonio Ibanez

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